Long Live The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is back and better than ever. I had a hunch they would be heading for South America, especially since they didn’t go there at all in the first episode. I think everyone is routing for the “Gutsy Grannies”, though I wish they would spend a bit more time on some of the other teams.

It is kind of tough when you have so many teams still in the field to get a lot of detail on them, and hopefully as the show progresses, we will learn and grow to love the teams. I still think Chaos and I should have tried out for it.
I wanted to find a WAV file of the theme song for AR, but all I have found so far is the one from the first season which has Phil’s narration over it. Hopefully, someone will come up with one soon.

I also managed to catch Survivor. Now, I loved Survivor when it was first on, but this version (actually Australia was the last one I actually got into for the whole time) just hasn’t done it for me.