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Weekend With Charo

Back from Las Vegas, but sadly with no pictures. The Venetian has specified that there be no cameras or smoking in the showroom, so I respected that and didn’t take any. Now, if I had known that before I got the tickets, I would have asked for different seats in the back. When I got the tickets, I specified front row-center where it is pretty hard to sneak pictures. Charo did mention that she hoped people got some good pictures of her new dress. Maybe someone should let her know that they don’t allow cameras.

All was not lost as the show was great. It is pretty much her standard show filled with singing, dancing, some jokes, and a lot of cuchi-cuchi. She has added three acts before her main show that seem to rotate. She had a magician guy, some acrobats, and some jugglers from Mexico. All of them were good and I even participated in the magician’s act.

The highlight was of course, Charo. She mentioned my Charo t-shirt from the stage and even managed to bounce my head against her breasts on two different occasions. I think the big VIP guy behind me was a bit jealous. I don’t know who he was, but apparently he was a producer of shows in Vegas. After the show, I managed to talk with the guy selling Charo CD’s and he mentioned that Charo is recording a new album and her now defunct web site should be coming back soon.

The rest of the weekend was a blast too, sadly due to my hectic schedule on Friday, I was wiped and didn’t feel like drinking or getting crazy. I did manage to peek into the new Aladdin Casino which seemed to be very nice. We stayed at the Luxor, which is beginning to show its age, at least as far as the rooms are concerned. I was disappointed we didn’t get to stay in the pyramid, but as late as we arrived, the only rooms left were right near the nightclub.

We managed to get out on Saturday after the show, and lo and behold, most of the Charo dancers and the Mexican jugglers showed up at the same club. I should have chatted with them, but I was exhausted. Some random person did come up to me and ask my name and where I was from. I wonder if he recognized me from here or Disneyland. Another crazy person thought I wasn’t having a good time and told me to smile. In reality, I was just trying to look like I was full of attitude (a trick I learned in SF back in the days), and it worked like a charm. I am a bit Vegas-ed out, but I am sure I’ll be back.