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Good News and No News

Good news in the mail yesterday, I have finally made CR-25 status at Disneyland which allows me to get some benefits and other good things. We are gearing up at the park in anticipation of next week’s crush. Most of the rides will reopen tomorrow (save Splash Mtn and the Carrousel). According to the higher ups, the nice quiet days are gone until September.

Sadly other job news is elusive in coming. I am still waiting on an interview I had almost two weeks ago. I just keep thinking happy positive thoughts, and hopefully something will come up soon.

Cafe Press which operates the Club Josh Galleria, has sent out an e-mail that Men’s Golf shirts are coming in April. Check back in April to see what they look like.

Jason had a link to Singlefile, which looks really cool for book collections. Is there something out there like that for video collections? It would be a great successor to the old Movie Guide I used to have on the site a few years back.