Club Josh

Club House is Here

Ugh, what a week. I managed to catch a cold and was down for a few days. I think I either got it from my plane trip to San Jose a few weeks ago or being in Las Vegas. I started to feel bad on Monday, and still am trying to get it out of my system. I am just thankful for the wonders of Ny-Quil.

After much procrastinating, I finally launched the Club House. This new section of Club Josh is an area that puts all of the party pictures, All About Josh, and other info about the site in one directory structure. I know I am going to take a massive traffic hit as people who hit the pages from search engines will find nothing. However, if you normally get to them from the Charo page, those links have all been updated. Eventually, I will get rid of the Charo Party Pics Page.

Big changes are in store for the month of April. Looks like I will be moving and possibly getting a new (to me) car, all in an effort to cut costs and save some money. Updates will be coming as information develops.