Anyone know of a good book?

I still haven’t managed to completely shake my cold. As a matter of fact, it has gotten a bit worse over the last 24 hours. I tried to wean myself off of Ny-Quil, but methinks that I should give it another night or two. Also, for the first time since I started work at DL, I called in sick. Last night, I managed about two hours of sleep in between blowing my nose and coughing. Needless to say, I was not in the best condition to go and make magic.

I am trying to get some books to help me with Dreamweaver and Photoshop. I really liked the Bible series of books, but some bad reviews on Amazon have made me think otherwise. I am leaning towards this other series of books called Inside Photoshop 6 and Inside Dreamweaver 4, but now I have noticed that Inside Photoshop 7 is coming out in June. Maybe I’ll just wait until then. Besides, a recent trip to Barnes and Noble allowed me to get some vital information that I needed from the book. See, there is still a need for actual book stores and Libraries.