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Late Night With Peter Pan

Tonight was a rare treat. I was at the park until midnight, but I only spent part of my shift with guests. The rest of the time was spent cycling boats at Peter Pan for some testing. It was cool, brainless work, and it was kind of fun to do all sorts of funky things with the boats.

Is 20 GB enough for your CD collection? It certainly is for mine, and the new RioRiot seems to be the best so far. If I had $400 lying around the house, I might be inclined to get something like this so I can carry my entire collection with me. Of course, it would have to wait until after I got my TiVo.

I have almost been sucked in by The Osbournes on MTV. Almost. I am glad I watch it so I can seem hip when the topic comes up with family and friends, but after watching the first couple of episodes, I have noticed that like most other reality shows, it is falling into a rut. Ozzie is still the best on the show, followed closely by Sharon.