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Well I never did make it over to Internet World. Haim gave me the scoop, and I ran out of time to get over to the convention center. I have been out-of-sorts since Friday. I hate working at two different jobs in one day. It feels like two full days on one nights sleep. Going out on Saturday night didn’t help. Well, it did help in that it was the most fun I have had going out in awhile. I was not really in the mood to go out, but after some prodding I had a great time. It was a good combination of company and music. The worst part about club music is sometimes you hear a really groovy (yes I said groovy) song, and there is no way you will ever know what it is. It took me almost two years to track down the last club song I really liked.

I had Sunday and Monday off of work and it was nice to relax. We did make it out to Timothy’s 16th Birthday Bash and the rib joint in Glendora. For his birthday, I gave him a copy of L.A. Bizarro, a book that all people in LA should own. I figured it was a bit more interesting guide to LA than most, and since he will be out and about exploring on his own, he might as well find some weird and bizarre stuff.

I have had some issues with my DSL over the last few days. When I want it the most, it just isn’t working. Then I have to sit around for an hour or so and hope it comes back. Last night, I even tried to bypass the DSL and use my wonderful Pac Bell dialup account (free for DSL customers!), and yup, it was not working either. Me suspects they have larger network issues than just DSL problems. Hopefully, I can get some answers soon, and it doesn’t turn into another Earthlink fiasco.