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There is no Fastpass for buying a car

The car saga continues….It will happen this month, just not sure when. I am still shopping around, plus there are a few contacts up the sleeve that might get me a better deal. Plus, the longer I wait, I am sure the less markup and competition for the car there will be. The only drawback is that I want to reduce my expenses ASAP, but thankfully, everything has leveled off and it wont hurt to wait a bit.

I really like what the Star Wars people are doing with their website. I like how when you reload it is basically the same site, yet with a different color scheme. If I get some free time, I want to try it here at Club Josh.

Free time might be a bit hard to come by since next week I have this wonderful Grad Night shift at the Park: 23:15 to 5:15, and Star Wars opens and I plan to see the midnight showing. By the following weekend, my internal clock will be all messed up.