Movie Reviews

Who comes up with the names?

3am – Just back from the screening. Star Wars Episode 2: AOTC really clipped on by and you really don’t notice that it is 2hrs and 20 min. Overall, I’d give it a good solid 3 stars, much better than Phantom Menace and Empire. I did notice some flaws with the processing or the print of the movie. Early on in the film, there were sections that looked dark and pixilated. I’m hoping it is just the bad digital transfer to film we were watching, but Andy, Oszie, and I will attempt to see it in digitally projected soon. When I first saw Phantom Menace in theaters, I felt the same way – so I know that the digital version will be better. The true test will be when the DVD comes out in November. I’m sure they will have it all cleaned up by then. I thought the version we saw was going to be digitally projected, but we ended up in a different theater with standard film.

The lightsaber battles were great, the best ones are, of course, near the end – and much more satisfying than in the Phantom Menace. I thought the Anakin/Dooku battle was especially well lit – using just the light from the sabers, and of course there is Yoda – his lightsaber says “Bad Mo Fo” all over it. I got used to CGI Yoda(tm), but it took some time.

Oh yes and let’s not forget the horrible parking structure at the Grove. After 15 minutes of sitting at a standstill, we finally went down the entrance ramp instead and ended up coming out at one of the exits. Really bad design – I don’t care if it can tell you how many spaces are left on the floor.

That is my incoherent ramblings for now. If I think of any more I will post later in the day.