A New Car!

Well, I finally did it. After months of research and searching and being pestered by auto salesman, I am the proud driver of a Silver 2002 Honda CR-V LX. It took over six total hours over two days at a car dealership in Fontana (where is Fontana? way out in the inland empire about halfway to Palm Springs from LA) to get the deed done. Along the way, my sister Sarah managed to get an identical one. She opted for the CD changer and alarm, I opted for the Alarm. No luck on the DVD Video system, but if I ever get a real job, that will be tops on the list.

I have no photos yet, but will try and get one and put it up on the site before the week’s end. I just need to find a site that is as good as the one I took the Xterra Pic. I didn’t have mixed feelings about getting rid of the Xterra. It was a fine vehicle and all, but it sucked gas like it was going out of style, and I was never happy with the seating position for the driver. I already like the acceleration and the seating position of the CR-V, and it will only take me a while to get used to the radio position (at the top of the center stack). I have noticed that the shifter is located directly between me and the volume control when it is in drive. I have already run into it a couple of times last night. But overall, I really like this car a lot more than the Xterra. The best part? Getting the CR-V will save me a good chunk of change each month which helps out on the bottom line.