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High Schoolers Outta Control

Another Grad Nite is in the books. This one was a bit different than last week’s because I was working out at the main entrance as opposed to in the park. Basically, imagine when the cowboys are herding the cattle into a pen, and substitute graduating seniors as the cattle, and us poor guest control cast members as the cowboys. Some of us got trampled and pushed, but luckily I was positioned towards the middle of the esplanade directing people away from the entrance to California Adventure. After the melee and a break, I headed into Fantasyland for the last hour to do pyro control (making sure no one was in the fallout zone), and helping get people on and off Peter Pan. When all was said and done, I was in bed by 4:15.

Of course, my dreams last night were all about out of control crowds at Disneyland, but thankfully they were just dreams. I slept in as late as I could to try and recharge the batteries for the weekend. I expect it to be a madhouse at the park this weekend.

The CR-V is still fantastic, and the amount in gas money I am saving is much welcomed. Of course, I have only had the car since Monday, and I already have 400 miles on it. I still need to think of a name for the car. Every car since the Accord has had a name beginning with the letter J. My first car, the Corolla, was dubbed the ‘Trekmobile’ by my mom and the moniker stuck.

I might have an opportunity to resurrect the Movie Czar Reel Reviews sometime soon for a web site that one of my brother’s former co-workers is putting together. If things pan out, I will post a link here and in the Club House.