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High Above Palm Springs

After finally getting the bad butter taste out of my mouth, Roger and I managed to make it out to Palm Springs on Sunday. Our goal? To ride the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Now when I did the research on their web site, I noticed that they had new and improved rotating tram cars. I thought this meant that the cars themselves rotated. As it turns out, the inside of the car rotates, scaring almost all the first time passengers when it starts. In my opinion it was even scarier then when the tram cars make their way over a tower. It brought back all those bad memories from the old Skyway at Disneyland.

We spent about two hours at the tramway, taking in all the vistas and even venturing down the trail towards the ranger station. At that point, we decided to head down to town for dinner instead of dining on the buffeteria at the top of the mountain. Accompanying us on the trip was the Gorn, and I will post pictures of the trip in the next day or two.

Saturday I managed to go out and see Scooby Doo. It was actually a pretty funny no-brains-required film. I enjoyed Matthew Lillard as Shaggy and Sara Michelle Gellar as Daphne the best. Walking back to the car, I noticed Seth Green walking with some friends into the Galleria – whee.

At the Aerial Tram Valley Station, I noticed that the car alarm on the CR-V was silent. It still worked, but you could barely hear the beeps. This happened the entire time we were in Palm Springs. On the way home, Roger suggested I call Rock Honda, and we managed to stop in before they closed. The technician replaced the grounding for the alarm, and we were on our way in under 15 minutes. On the way out, I noticed the Xterra was still there on the Used Car lot. Poor thing has been sitting there for over a month.