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Palm Springs Pics

Ever start something that you think is only going to take a few minutes and then when you look up it has been two hours? That is what happened today with the Gorn pictures. It started out innocently enough when I added the photos for the Gorn visiting the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. Then I started to notice things here and there that needed to be updated. So I went ahead and made a new Gorn Europe Index page that looks like the other index pages. After I finished that, I went around adjusting fonts here and there. There is so much legacy code on the site, that I really should start from scratch on certain pages and rebuild it from the ground up.

Yesterday was my second day on the Matterhorn and so far things are going OK. I am still a bit nervous about the whole thing, but thankfully the other cast members have been supportive and offering advice to help me out. Thank goodness for the turnstile greeter position so I can catch my breath.