Club Josh

Down Memory Lane

I have added more months to the New Daily Update, I now only have about seven more months to go before I can launch the new Update site.

Going through April-June 2001 was an interesting experience. There were a few Club Josh projects that have fallen by the wayside (anyone remember the new Jarrepalooza? Me either). The frequency of the Updates has gone way down since I left my previous job and took the summer off before working at Disneyland. I have touched on it before in several Updates, but I still feel like I need to get back to a regular schedule. I know I am not in front of the computer as much as I used to be, but I will still try and make an effort. I think the new Movable Type system will help since it is almost fun to do the entries.

One of the things that I enjoyed the most in going through the archives was the revisit to the Josh Club site of Ford India. As you may or may not recall, Ford introduced the new Ford IKON last year and called it the Josh Machine. They wrote songs about it and launched a cool web site with screensavers and desktop backgrounds. For the 2002 model year, they updated the site with new stuff and some cool advertisements.

And folks, have a safe and sane Fourth of July.