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Of Bugs and Chaos

The Gang at the Cold Springs TavernSpent the weekend up in Santa Barbara at the request of Chaos. This was her birthday party – Part 2, this time up at a cabin that she is renting for six weeks up near Lake Cachuma. A great time was had by all – despite the constant buzzing of the bugs and countless mosquito and lord only knows what bites. Alex and Mark even managed to make it down from the Bay Area, and it was good to catch up with them. I always enjoy a trip out into the wilderness where you can see satellites moving across the sky with the naked eye.

Sunday was spent napping and recovering from the late night on Saturday. Thanks to some of Chaos’ co-workers, our total sleep was about four hours. Roger and I made a detour on the way home through Simi Valley due to the nasty Sunday afternoon traffic on the 101 – it provided a nice change of scenery as well as being rather quick.

Monday it was off to my favorite shopping mecca – South Coast Plaza. This king of malls always has a special place in my family’s heart as many a Christmas-time shopping spree was partaken here. I was disappointed that the Ghiardelli Chocolate store had closed. It was one of the last few remaining not at Glendale Galleria stores left. Glendale is much closer and offers many of the same stores, but does not have the enormous Crate and Barrel and of course, the Cartier and Gucci ambiance.

I also went and explored where the interview I have is tomorrow (or more correctly in less than 12 hours). I am nervous and excited all at the same time. If things go well I will go into more details, but for now just keep sending the good mojo.

Finally – another celebrity sighting: Kathy Ireland at Disneyland near the Info Board on Main Street.