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It’s been a week, so let me try and catch up on things that have been going on:

I managed to catch Austin Powers in Goldmember last Thursday. I thought it was pretty funny, some parts were pee-in-the-pants funny while some parts were just “uh yeah, ok, that one must be for Mike’s friends”. I do wonder if they have painted themselves into a corner and if there is any way to make a funny AP 4.

I still haven’t heard back from the mojo job. I called them yesterday and they said they would call be back right away, but alas, I am still waiting. I did get scheduled for an interview for this City of LA job I applied for over a year ago. I guess the city operates on a different time-space plain.

I saw Tommy Lasorda at Disneyland again. He is the first celebrity in Los Angeles I have seen twice (at least that I am aware of). He seemed to have a larger, different group with him this time. For those of you planning a visit to the park in September or early October note that the Matterhorn is down for rehab for about six weeks. A couple of other Fantasyland rides will be down, leaving me to wonder just how many hours I will be getting come September.