Club Josh

New Update Archives Here!

After much bemoaning and general laziness and procrastination, I have finally finished porting the Daily Update into Movable Type. It is not 100% where I want it to be, but I think it is good enough to get the ball rolling. The biggest issues I have (and maybe there are some people out there who can help me) are:

1) Permalinks – I haven’t quite figured out how to put the anchor link on each entry.
2) Calendars – The main index page has a groovy calendar that shows all of the entries for the current month – I want to put that on each of the month archive pages.
3) Navigation – I’m not enamored with the built in template nav, me thinks if I get some time I will make it bigger.
4) Spellcheck – You would think they would have built one in. Maybe it is in there and I haven’t found it yet.
5) PDA and Cell Phone compatibility – PDA is pretty easy to accomplish with the exception of the archives. I have no idea how to start with the cell phone conversion. One of the benefits of the old system was that they all fed off of text file includes. I should be able to start replicating them soon.

Other than that, I think it is pretty cool to be able to get some feedback from people on the entries. Another cool feature is the ability to divide entries into categories and also to get statistics like the fact this is the 297th Daily Update Entry.

Now that I have wasted some good time on this, it is time to get back to working on my freelance work.