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New Shoes, Sore Feet

So Tuesday night at Target of all places, I picked up a pair of shoes. Now mind you, I don’t usually buy shoes at Target, but this was a deal not to pass up. These shoes are identical to the pair of Sketchers that I have almost completely worn out working at the park. I tried them on and they seemed comfortable. I was even more thrilled when they rang up at $17.99. It seemed to be such a bargain compared to the $50 for the Sketchers.

Then of course, I actually wore the shoes for an eight hour shift. Big mistake. I now have a spot on my right heel that looks like raw meat. And man does it smart. I am not sure what the lesson is here. It’s either a) Don’t wear new shoes to an eight hour shift, b) Don’t buy $17.99 shoes, c) Stick with Sketchers, d) Wear thicker socks, or e) Some bizarre combination of the above. In the meantime, I think I will give the shoes one more day at the park. I have a four hour shift tomorrow, and if they still bug, I’ll go out and get me some Sketchers for work and keep these for job interviews, weddings, and any other dressy event.

After limping back to my car last night and changing shoes, I went off to Downtown Disney (Uptown Fun!) to meet up with some Matterhorn folks to go see “Barbershop“. I guess I thought it was going to be a lot funnier than it turned out to be. It was good, but I didn’t think it was #1 for two weeks at the box office good. I guess not much else is playing worth seeing.

One final DVD note: I picked up Monsters, Inc. – I haven’t watched the movie part of the DVD yet, but after sorting through some of the extra features, I like it already.