Club Josh

Catalfo Cafetorium for the Performing Arts is a better name

UC Davis’ big Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts has finally opened. There is some news coverage at the official UC Davis News site. I think the center is a great addition to the campus, though I am not sure it was placed in the best spot. I guess considering access to the facility from the freeway, it was the best place to go. I personally think it would have been better closer to downtown Davis, i.e. the current location of the football field. Then again that area of campus has really bad traffic problems. I can’t wait until I get a chance to go up there and see it in person. Makes me wish I was up there surveying.

I’ve been a busy bee as the days get closer to the annual bday bash. Roger is hard at work on the decorations, and I am working on the official B-Day Party web site. There are a few more things I need to add such as the timeline and some info on the celebs, but I think its coming along nicely.