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Night of 100 Stars Recap

The big annual birthday party was a big hit. The decorations came together at the last minute thanks to Roger, Alex, Mark, and Cooper. Having them around came in handy, especially when Alex’s present was revealed: The official Club Josh Disco Ball. Another highlight was the cake courtesy of Solley’s Bakery in Sherman Oaks. They provide the cakes for Jerry’s Famous Deli, and the cake of choice was their Chocolate Fudge Cake topped with some Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Mmm Mmm Good!

The party was a mostly low-key affair, with everyone socializing and not too much scandal. Our guest total was 24, a respectable number with about 50% of the invites showing up. Vickie Lawrence was put in one bathroom and Tattoo was put in the other. As the night progressed, people would say “I’m going to see Vickie” or “I’m going to see Tattoo”. I think the strategic black lights, the disco ball, the black wall coverings and the stars provided the best decorations since Cuchi Cuchi Hawaiian Style. Susie did let me know that I need to scan more old photos for Cuchi Cuchi. Besides Alex’s Disco Ball, Mark provided a mico-mini R/C Racer – THE hot Christmas toy for 2002 which was very cool. Also in the mix: a couple of abercrombie shirts, a calender, a couple of candles, and some nice cards.

Today also marks the second anniversary of the Daily Update. I can’t believe that this little attempt to keep the mundane interests of my life on record has lasted this long. There have been lean times, but I’m happy where it is at and look forward to the future. Now if I can only get those darn PDA archives to work correctly.