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Beauty and the Beast Special Edition DVD

Watched the new DVD of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast last night. I must admit, my memories of the movie were basically “Chick Flick” and that I liked Aladdin better. So when I watched it, in probably the first time in about eight years, I really enjoyed the movie. It definately belongs in the group of Disney classics that I can stay interested in for the entire 90 minutes. Trust me, for some of the older classics it is tough.

The new musical sequence “Human Again” really didn’t add anything to the plot of the movie. The liner notes talk about how it further develops the supporting cast and their desires for the Belle thing to work to break the spell, but frankly, I thought it was a superflous musical sequence.

I only watched a few of the DVD special features. The one adventure game to replace the glass around the enchanted rose was fun for the first five minutes, but after the level of frustration rose due to my lack of patience at video games, it got old real fast. The “Stories Behind the Stories” were a waste as well. The celebs they got to tell the SBTS spent more time on telling the story than the SBTS. I hope the rest of the material is better, but I am currently not very inclined to venture through it. I think the Monsters, Inc. supplementals are much better.