Day One

Roger and I spent most of the day running errands and getting ready for the big trip. Our plane doesn’t depart until 8:30pm tonight, so we are still trying to squeeze everything into the bags and make the journey over to the Le Meridien at Beverly Hills to catch the cab to LAX. Just like the Walt Disney World Trip of 2000, we are using the Le Meridien as a jumping off point, the main difference is that we are not spending the night.

However like Tahiti, we are off to spend some time at the finest Le Meridiens in Europe:
Le Meridien Piccadilly
Le Meridien Etoile

Our flight will be around 10 and a half hours, shattering Roger’s longest time on a plane by a good 2 and a half hours. Both of us didn’t sleep well last night, so hopefully it means we’ll get some good shut-eye before landing at London Heathrow at 3:00 in the afternoon tomorrow.

While out shopping for a new jacket and some last minute items, I found the Sketchers that I tried to replace with Target shoes to no avail. Following Mom’s advice, I bought two pairs, and I am going to try and break them in while walking around London and Paris.

I’ll try and post while I am overseas, and also try and get some pictures up from the business center of the hotels. If not, expect a full trip diary upon my return!