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Disneyland Paris Photos

After some hard work and integration magic, I have finally posted the all-new Disneyland Paris section with photos from 1996, Scott and Debbie’s Trip in January 2002 and my recent trip earlier this month. There are a total of 298 photos in the collection now, and I think they look great. I have retouched a bunch of my recent ones due to the bad lighting conditions, but I think they came out good.

I was also able to create a separate version of Gallery running just for the Disneyland Paris section. This allowed me to play around with the headers and the footers to add some navigation back to the main index page. The only thing left to do is to add the descriptions of the photos and blow away all the old files.

Other than working on the site, Roger and I made it out to see “Die Another Day” last weekend. I had mixed reactions when watching it, but upon reflection I like it more and more. It reminds me the most of “From Russia With Love” and even a bit of the Dalton-era due to its darkness which most fans will recognize as Bond’s true nature from the Ian Flemming books. There were some great scenes. What I can’t figure out is that in the two Brosnan films with cars I like (Goldeneye and The World is Not Enough), the cars do nothing. In the two with cars that are cool, but not on my wish list, the cars have extended scenes doing really cool stunts. I guess a Z8 convertible wouldn’t do so well in an Ice Palace.

And finally in the who-did-you-see-at-Disneyland-lately? category: Johnny Depp with his wife and child near Casey Jr. Railroad as well as backstage.