Amazing Finish

Well the best show on TV just ended its third season. The Amazing Race finished last night with Flo and Zack taking the big prize. It always happens that the team I root for on the show ends up losing. I really wanted Ken and Gerard to win the race – if only they had grabbed that taxi earlier! I really wish I could be on the show. I think Susie and I would make a great team. I know Daniel would like to be on the show as well, I just need to find him a good partner.

Tonight is the sendoff for Survivor: Thailand. I think this season has been the best one since Australia. I never really cared for Africa or Marquesas (but of course it didn’t stop me from watching. Who is going to win? I have no idea. Editing seems to make Brian out as the favorite, but if he loses immunity and I’m the other three, he’s the one I’d want out of there fast.

After tonight, TV gets pretty anemic. CBS has not announced when Amazing Race 4 will premiere, but I hope it is not too long. The only thing on TV that is in new episodes is Insomniac with Dave Atell. Hmm, can you tell I like travel programs??