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Lord of the Rings: Two Towers and other Holiday Musings

The past week has flown by. It is a pain working at the park this time of the year because you are practically there the whole time. Usually I have a nice long shift then come home, go to bed, and then before I know it I am back there again. After hours in the park don’t help either – It just adds to the chaos. Since last Thursday, I have been running on empty, but I did manage to finally watch the Survivor finale on Friday. It was pretty predictable and not nearly as exciting as past finales. Not that the producers didn’t try. the final immunity challenge was a back breaker – literally! Too bad the final three contestants were such weenies.

Saturday I finally made it to see Two Towers. I really liked the Fellowship of the Ring, despite my complete lack of Tolkien fanaticism (much to my brother and Susie’s dismay). I think Peter Jackson has done a great job making the sometimes-hard-to-read Tolkien accessible to us masses. I’ve mentioned that my biggest complaint with the first movie was the lack of an ending so it is no surprise that its still the biggest problem I have. Even worse, at the end of Two Towers, Sam and Frodo are still no closer to throwing the damn thing back into the fires of Mt. Doom. I must say, it still was a kick ass movie. It could have used more Saruman – hey it’s Christopher Lee the one who almost kicked Yoda’s butt in Episode 2 – the guy deserves more to do. Here is an idea: Ian McKellan as the replacement Dumbledore in the next Harry Potter movie. He’s already got the robes.

Tomorrow is Christmas and like years past I finally finished my shopping on Christmas Eve. Not too bad, just a 15 minute wait to check out at Best Buy. Also, the big wedding for Sarah is just a few days away and so in the middle of shopping I picked up the tuxedo. It made me wonder, does anyone ever get a tux for Christmas?