Christmas with the Family

Today started out as a nice relaxing Christmas with the family. Of course it was supposed to start around noon at Granny’s house, but as per usual, we all were about an hour late. The gift exchange went well, and I think we all received something we wanted. My gift to Granny was a replacement frame for the picture that I gave her over 12 years ago. The glass cracked during the last move 3 years ago and she has been promising to replace it ever since. I finally took matters into my own hands and got her a new one. I then spent a good portion of an hour trying to move the picture into the new frame and got a slice on my finger from a rusty box cutter for my troubles. Thank goodness for hydrogen peroxide.

Granny’s car had been giving her some trouble so Dad took a look at it. He drove it around for a bit and started to notice it smoking. Bets were placed on what it was with the favorite being the seal on the gasket or the fuel pump. We decided to have Dad drive it over to the mechanic’s and leave it there for him to look at the next day, that way Granny wouldn’t get stranded. Dad theorized he’d be able to make it to the shop no worries. Well, he didn’t. The car stalled on him on the freeway so he nursed it back to his house and called it a day. Tomorrow it gets towed in, and I think Granny is that much closer to a new car.

The big feast was at Acapulco this year. Not my favorite Mexican restaurant, but it actually wasn’t that bad. Maybe it was the Midori Margarita, but we all had a really good time. Amanda had the same type of drink and was able to finish it, I knew I had to drive so I took it easy. The wedding is just a few days away now and the relatives will be flying in fast and furious. Kevin is even going to spend the night at Club Josh tomorrow night and maybe go to the park on Friday before the wedding. Gonna be a busy next few days!

I hope all of you had a great Christmas and I hope to see you all in 2003!