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More Wild Craziness

The annual New Year’s festivities were almost derailed before they began. I had heard that on New Year’s Eve if not enough people show up, that legally, according to our fine union contract, they can keep us up to two hours on overtime. I was worried since my shift was from 1p-9:30p that a two hour extension would keep me at Disneyland until 11:30, not nearly enough time to make it back to Hollywood for the evenings festivities. Thankfully, the gods were kind and I got out of there with minimal fuss. I picked up Daniel and we headed off to gather the posse of Brandon, Cory, and Roger and then headed over to Hollywood.

I picked out the club from an online ad for the party, and sadly I think I was the only one who saw the ad. The place was at Hollywood and Highland and there were not nearly enough people there. They also had watered down drinks, but thankfully, I brought enough money to still get a good buzz.

Despite the lack of a crowd, I had a great time. When we got home, we tried out some of the new board games that Roger and I received for the holidays: Guesstures and Imaginiff. I like the Imaginiff game the best – Guesstures is cool, but needs more people to be really good. We didn’t make it to the Survivor game, so we will have to get a game night organized soon.
The next day, we straggled out of bed and after some OK vittles, we played more games and even Cory’s Atmosfear game which is fast paced and is always fun.

It was a great night and day that I got to spend with great people and I hope that it is a good omen for the coming year.