Club Josh

All-New Tellme Site!

I finally got the new Tellme site I mentioned in my last update. To access the new Club Josh Tellme Application just follow the following directions:

(editors note: Sorry this site no longer works… and instructions have been archived)

So far, the only bug is that when I post a link in the update, the Tellme app errors out and skips over the contents of the < a > tag. I am going to try posting with XML-compliant tags and see if that helps. Otherwise I will have to see if I can modify Dave’s old Perl program that strips out HTML and see if I can apply it to the update.vxml file.

Another minor issue (not really a bug) is that I can’t get it to work on AT&T Wireless’ #121 service. There has to be a way…

If I really feel like programming, I might figure out how to add a repeat function so listeners can just say repeat and listen again to the update (why anyone would want to, I’ll never know but hey, I am all about options).