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It Worked Just the Other Day

Roger informs me that the Tellme application has already busted. For some reason it is not reading the URL of the file output from Moveable Type. It is really weird since it worked just Saturday night. I wonder if there is something in the update parameters that is messing it up. I also noticed that the old version is not working either. I am hoping that this new update will fix it somehow. (Update: Yep, now it works – go figure I’ll need to watch it.)

Today Granny, Jerri, and I headed over to Carmax to get Granny her new-to-her car. Carmax so far has had some decent prices on their car. Sadly, their service is just like any car dealership. Most of the sales force was nice, but there seems to be a special breed of person to be the “closer”. Our whole car-buying process was derailed by the fact Granny needs to pass the written driving test tomorrow to complete the paperwork on the car. If we manage to get the car soon enough, then its off to spend a nice day in Palm Springs to celebrate. One humorous note from the Carfax report on the car: It used to be a rental in Honolulu.