I like eating the cake too

Yesterday, I found out that despite my new found status as a westsider at the Park, there was actually a chance for me to do some testing on the Matterhorn. The catch? Tomorrow, I have to be AT the park at 5am. Which means leaving the house sometime around 4 in the morning. My dad shrugs it off since he leaves around that time every morning to go to his work. I always counter with the “Yeah, you’re used to it” line. In order for them not to pay me double-back, my schedule for today has been moved up 3 hours so that I can leave the park with more than eight hours before my next shift. I guess I can’t complain since the shift will be 13 hours.

Testing at the Matterhorn is dangerous. No other time during the operation of the ride do you get to be near the track up in the mountain with sleds moving. I am excited and also wary. I know it is going to be a tough, long day, but I am hoping to learn a lot about Harold’s house and in turn, when I get back to the Matterhorn later in the summer, be that much better of a cast member.

In going through the archives, I discovered that one year almost to the day was the last time I had an interview for a company that I was excited about. I hope this one turns out better. There is a part of me that wants to move to Orange County, new job or not. That way, I will be closer to the park if things don’t work out, and if they do, then I can live in a place to save some money for a year to pay off debts and then buy something nicer in the future.