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Confessions of A Dangerous Mind

The mind has been working overtime again the last few days. Let’s do some catch-up:

Spent way too many hours at the Matterhorn on Saturday. Arrived just before 5am and discovered that there were some problems with the wiring. As a result, it was well after 10am before we sent the first sled all the way through the mountain. After some more delays and discoveries, we were finally able to start cycling for the first time on the mountain since September. The cloud of dust sent up by the sleds was huge. All in all, a fun day learning some of the details about the actual workings of the ride. It is very similar to some of the stuff I am learning at Pooh during the ATP testing.

Sunday, we managed to make it to the movies after a nice drive up to the old familial stomping grounds of Zuma Beach. We decided to check out one of the larger theaters in Westwood near UCLA and caught Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. The movie is based on a book written by game show guru and former secret agent (well, maybe) Chuck Barris. Despite some unevenness here and there in the pacing, I enjoyed the movie and encourage you to check it out if you have not had the chance.

The last few days I have been working long hours at the Pooh ride. We have had a few VIP ride throughs, and thankfully, I haven’t messed up the ride while they were there. The big test comes on Monday when Cynthia Harriss makes a cameo visit to the ride. Also next Tuesday, Daniel has his first day as a trainer on the ride, and it will be nice to have someone over there that I know. Today, Shannon was over there and she added a much needed morale boost after long tedious hours on Monday and Tuesday of testing each and every sub zone faults on the ride.