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Pooh craziness has abounded this week, especially when Daniel and I finally got to work together. However, the real fun was Saturday when I experienced my first stay awake for 24 hours day in a while. Here is my best effort to recap of the events of the day:

2/22 3:45am: Alarm first goes off, do my best to ignore.
2/22 4:00am: Finally amble out of bed.
2/22 4:19am: Getting ready to walk out the front door, I am forced to grab onto something as the earth shakes the entire apartment (m5.4 Big Bear Quake)
2/22 4:45am: Enjoying KFWBs coverage of quake, so far only minor mention on KNX
2/22 4:59am: Clock in at TDA
2/22 5:10am: Trainer shows up at Matterhorn relieving my doubts that I had somehow shown up on the wrong day
2/22 6:30am: Ride the elevator in the Matterhorn for the first time – cramped and takes as long to go 4 floors as the Stratosphere elevator takes to go 108.
2/22 8:30am: Pass my written KA for the Matterhorn
2/22 9:00am: Lunch! Well, breakfast really – Wiser Miser!
2/22 10:00am: Pass my PA, manager tells me its too bad I’m going to Pooh, they need me at Matterhorn.
2/22 10:15am: Same manager who pays me big compliment sends me to the Routes to finish off my shift instead of letting me go home early or work Matterhorn.
2/22 10:30am: At least I get to start at the Carrousel
2/22 11:30am: An hour of the tea cups make me feel queasy
2/22 1:20pm: The day is such a mess, I get bumped out of rotation to go home 10 minutes late.
2/22 1:55pm: Finally on the way home after making side trip to turn in ADOs for weekend to see mom, get to ride the TDA tram instead of walking through the entire park again.
2/22 3:00pm: Arrive home after a quick detour through the Golden Arches for a quick lunch
2/22 5:00pm: Arrive at Alex and Ricardo’s to hang out with Roger and them for a bit before they head out to dinner, freeze up on the roof
2/22 7:30pm: Leave Alex and Ricardo’s to head to Daniel’s house
2/22 9:30pm: Mmmmm In-N-Out with Daniel
2/22 11:00pm: Mad TV is counting down the top videos, we miss most of the hour due to Daniel’s brother having a tiff with his girlfriend
2/23 12:15am: After two and a half Smirnoff Ices, Simpson’s Road Rage proves waay too amusing.
2/23 1:30am: Road trip to the Star Mart to get some more booze, good thing Tim is still sober
2/23 3:00am: Activating the mini-DAC buttons in double-dispatch mode almost sends Daniel to the floor in a convulsion of laughter
2/23 3:30am: Frisky the cat tries once again to get attention to be fed
2/23 4:30am: Realize it is really late and I should think about getting home – point reinforced by text message from Roger wondering if I’m still alive
2/23 5:15am: Finally leave Daniel’s, pretty sure he passed out the moment we left
2/23 5:50am: Arrive home safely
2/23 8:30am: Finally go to sleep

It’s weird when I think about how long we all just sat around together and talking and having fun. That’s what makes friends special: sometimes you can yammer on and on about nothing and still have a good time doing it.

I’m still trying to get the gallery up and running for the Club House pics. I’m hoping Tuesday will provide some time in the morning. Looks like Feb 2003 is another short month for posts, but I think length wise these have been some of the longer ones.