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Maybe I should call it the Weekly Update

Since I have moved, I have noticed that I have spent far fewer hours on the internet. I chalk it up to mainly being busy with the apartment and work, and not to a fundamental change in the way I lead my life. I also suspect the fact that my desktop is still in pieces might have something to do with it as well. There is also this minor problem of figuring out where exactly to put it since, well I have no desk. I have made some progress with the apartment, but more importantly some key decisions.

First, I think that I am going to get rid of most of my books, save a few selected Star Trek books that I like to read every now and then as well as some of my Michael Palin travel books. Second, I think all of my VHS tapes will remain in boxes. If I manage to make it through a year without pulling one out to look at it, than I think I will finally get rid of them. Now if I had a nice high paying job, I think I would replace all of my Star Trek episodes with the DVDs, which easily would make obsolete 100 of the tapes that I have.

The other big news is that I finally purchased a refrigerator for the new apartment. Sadly, my schedule won’t allow me to get it delivered for another week, so I have to suffer eating out for the time being.
Amazingly, the Academy Awards have come and gone in the last week. This has been another year where I just didn’t get into them. I watched the broadcast after the fact via TiVo, and I found it to be not nearly exciting as previous years. Also, I was surprised that they did another “meet all of the past award winners” so soon after doing it ( I think the last time was five years or so ago). I think Steve Martin was OK, but not nearly as good as he was the first time he hosted it. I say next year how about Craig Kilborn or Conan O’Brien?

On the work front, I trained 9 of the 50 cast members of the opening crew as well as 1 manager on the Pooh ride last week. Today, the ride had its soft opening. Word from my friends on the attraction is that it went well, though the ride broke down 10 minutes after it opened. I can’t wait to get out there, but sadly my first shift there isn’t until next Friday. I have a couple Guest control shifts over there between now and then, but the rest of the time I will be at the good ol’ Matterhorn. I actually am happy to get some time over there. One of the things I like is to have equal time on all the attractions I know, even the classics.