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So Long Tell Me

This morning I received a notice from the folks over at Tell Me that effective April 9th, they are shuttering the Extensions service. So hop on over while you still can and listen to the Club Josh Daily Update. I remember it was almost exactly two years ago that I first put up the Tell Me site and for a good chunk of time it was broken. So I finally get around to fixing it a few months ago and here is my reward.

Gone are the days on the web when you could get really cool services and information for free. Nowadays, you even have to pay to see streaming video on CNN. I realize that the money isn’t there anymore for people with big ideas to develop them and give them away. This trend started with the big collapse of 2000, and given the fact the economy is still in the pits two years later, it is still going strong.

I hope when the economy turns around a renaissance will occur on the web and we’ll get back to the days when technologies are developed at a fast pace, and regular people like you and me can share. Heck, maybe then I’ll even get a real job again.