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This year has been quite the rollercoaster. Just when I think that we are coming into the station or leveling off, or heck, even climbing a to new heights, there is always a steep drop-off. The worst part about it is that some of the falls are just reality checks for things that I let myself get caught up in.

Like Taxes.

Like My Career.

Like Friends.

I used to be more of a realist, but lately I’ve turned into a big emotional sponge, and in some aspects, I’ve chosen the fantasyland version of things rather than the True Life Adventures version. I am truly grateful that I do have people who are not afraid to slap me around and bring me to my senses. Without them, I’d be a hopeless pile of drivel.

Last night was the wettest and coldest night at the Matterhorn. It’s the first time I’ve worked it in a driving rain, and let me tell you after a certain point you get so wet you just don’t care anymore. I guess once you get through the misery, there’s always a chance to have fun. Hmm. I think yesterday was a life lesson.