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Movie Update: The Core and Spirited Away

Once again it is time to catch up at the local Cineplex and DVD store. I can’t believe it, but it has already been a week since I went to see The Core. Those of you who know me well know that I can’t resist a good disaster movie.

Especially ones that are so bad that they are good. The Core falls into that category. The storyline goes that somehow the core of the earth has stopped rotating, and as a result people with pacemakers are collapsing and pigeons are colliding into busses as the magnetic field goes on the fritz. Thankfully, some professor at the University of Chicago figures the whole thing out and enlists the aid of the government and they embark on a trip to the core. That’s right folks, someone just happens to have a rock drill and a ship prototype lying in the middle of the desert. Well, hilarity ensues, some noble sacrifices are made, the brainy child in this case is a teenage hacker but he still qualifies, and heck – there is even a token exchange (not jewelry this time, but a notebook). Definitely full of cheese, and well worth the price of the chips to make nachos. Susie – you need to see it!

Last night, Daniel brought over Spirited Away, this year’s winner of the Academy Award for best Animated Feature. I had heard nothing but good things about the movie and that the director Hayao Miyazaki is this generations Walt Disney. I tried to go in not expecting all the hype, that way if I can avoid being disappointed. Truth be told, the hype is worth it. It is one of the best movies I have seen in a while (yes, even better than The Core!). It is a bit long by US standards for Animated Features (around 2 hours and change), but it didn’t feel long at all. I’m awaiting my chance to see Castle in the Sky which he picked up today at Costco. It is by Miyazaki and was made in 1986. Daniel saw it earlier this month at a film festival and said it was great.

While at Costco, I picked up three more James Bond titles. They are on sale for $11.99 each! Woo Hoo. I picked up Dr. No, Goldfinger, and License to Kill. The Connery movies I have on Laserdisc, and I don’t even have LtK on video so I’m glad I got it despite it being the weaker of the two Dalton Bond movies. Oh yes, and I also picked up the latest Harry Potter DVD. I have my eye towards the next few months as Star Trek Nemesis, Die Another Day, The Spirit of ’76, Sleeping Beauty, and The Lion King all make there way out on DVD.