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Castle in the Sky and Movable Type

True to his word, Daniel brought over “Castle in the Sky” so we could complete the Miyazaki double feature. Animation wise, it is full of stunning visuals, albeit simpler ones since this was in 1986 (released in 1989 in the US). Daniel says that this style is his favorite of Japanese Animation. I have to admit, I have never really been an Anime fan. My brother was into Robotech and all the other popular animated series that came out in the mid-80’s. Personally, my brain took a better liking to the old Warner Brothers and Disney shorts. Having said that, these two movies have really opened my eyes to the features coming out of Japan. I hope to see some of Miyazaki’s other works as well as some of the other pioneers.

In Club Josh news, I updated Movable Type for the first time since I installed it almost a year ago. The new version has some cool features and better interfaces when authoring. Templates are still a pain, but hopefully somewhere, somehow I’ll be able to restore the PDA Archives. Also, I am working on a new WML version of the site to be compatible with the new Cell Phones that are out there. It appears that my HDML site just doesn’t cut it on my new phone. Figures.