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Peace and Serenity

Peace and serenity has returned to the park this week as the crowds of Spring Break have left. Once again it’s possible to walk across the park and not get hit by a stroller. It can still happen, it’s just not a given anymore. Today, I actually had a Routes shift. It was weird being back there after spending so much time at Pooh and the Matterhorn, but it also was a nice short shift and a welcome diversion from the same ol.

I picked up an application to be a trainer at Matterhorn. I’m excited about the prospect of training at another attraction. I must say that I have really began to enjoy training. Next week, I actually have a training shift at Pooh – my first since training the opening crew back in March. I had to switch the days since Tuesday night is Minnie’s Moonlight Madness which I will be doing with Daniel, Tiffany, and the latest Aladdin – Alex! Also competing in the annual dash-and trivia contest is Mandel’s roommates Ted and Larry. I am sure I’ll run into some other people from around the resort that I know. I just hope we don’t make too big of fools out of ourselves.