Minnie’s Moonlight Madness Recap

Last night, Daniel, Tiffany, Alex, and I participated in Minnie’s Moonlight Madness at DCA. I wasn’t sure what to expect, just random insight from Daniel since he participated two years ago. It started with a presentation to the Make a Wish foundation (all registration fees went to the organization – somewhere in the neighborhood of $4k was raised – not too bad). We then were read the rules as well as subjected to a 50 question trivia quiz. I think we did OK on the quiz, but it was probably our weakest part. Thank goodness Daniel is a trivia nerd or we really would have been sunk.

After the trivia it was on to the scavenger hunt. Mandel had mentioned it was very similar to the Amazing Race and it was. What did I learn? The contestants on AR must be exhausted beyond all belief. I know I was after two hours walking quickly (not running) around DCA. Some of the highlights: Making a paper cup, Geo-quiz which I aced in 5 minutes, Daniel and Tiffany doing the Hula, Counting the number of blue lights on the Mickey Head on the coaster, and other fun stuff. It was a memorable night – I even ran into Leo and Ian as well as a myriad of other familiar faces from the park. Leo and his team even came in 3rd! No sign of Mandel’s roomies though – of course I wasn’t exactly looking while racing around.

I did manage to get a nice T-Shirt and a flashlight that clips to your belt (perfect for the Matterhorn) as well as the obligatory pin. I even managed to get an extra pin for Mice. Originally, I added wrong and thought I didn’t have an extra one. Then I realized our team only had four members. Alex and Tiffany had to try and retrieve her camera which was left at the last clue (we had 5 minutes to get from Pizza Oom Mow Mow to the Clue Central Area near the Golden Vine Winery. When they returned the camera was gone. Thankfully I do have a couple of pictures from my camera:

Daniel and Alex work on one of the clues
Tiffany and Daniel learn the hula to get one of the answers
Tiffany, Alex, Minnie, Daniel and Josh pose after the competition
After all of our hard work, today I found out we finished 54th/255 – not bad!
(ed. note – Several updates from the past few days have all been posted today – check ’em out!)