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Just around the corner

The 8th Anniversary of my web site is coming up next month, and I think it is long overdue for a redesign. That is why today, I am committing myself to getting a new site up and running by June 28, 2003. This will be a big undertaking, but I think it will be a good workout for my creative juices.

Here are my goals:
1. Create a common look and feel for the entire site. Currently my site is a hodge-podge of different looks and feels I have experimented over the many years of doing the site. I think the Jarrepalooza section has changed the least and the main index page the most.
2. Fix the PDA Site: This has been offline since I switched over to Movable Type. I need to just sit down and getting it up and running. Honestly, this is one of the easiest things to do.
3. Move all the photos into the Gallery program: All the photos from the Gorn to Charo to Trip Diaries to Club House pics all need to be ported over to Gallery. Another easy task, the difficult bit being the custom look for the different galleries. Another long-overdue upgrade.
4. New Club Josh store items and logos: I need to come up with a better logo for the shirts and expand the catalog to include calendars and such. A low-priority item that is really for my own amusement.
5. New Doingworld site: This is certainly at the bottom, but more work and expansion needs to be done to this little neglected hobby of mine.
6. Cut off the dead weight: Some sections just might go bye-bye. Not sure which ones, but party photos are high up on the list. I certainly don’t want to just erase the last 6 years or so, but I think some editing of the photos are in order. At the very least, a lot of older photos need to be remastered to my new size specs (gotta keep up with evolving standards ya know).
7. Mobile phone site: Convert the HDML site into uber-cool WML site.

Another easy task, but will require some hard scrubbing of the text files generated by MT. I might have to call in the big guns (Dave are u out there?).
So that is what I want to do in a little over a month and a half. Personally, I think it is pretty ambitious for someone who takes forever. I think the hardest part will be coming up with a new template. After that, it should be pretty easy. If you are a regular reader of Club Josh let me know what you think needs some work, and I will try and put it on the list. Heck, even if you stumbled across the site let me know!