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Beef Ravioli

I have always liked Beef Ravioli, and lately it has replaced mostaccioli as my favorite pasta. They are serving some good Raviolis at the Disney cafeteria lately and it’s cheap. Add to that the good pasta sauce from Redd Rocket’s Pizza Port, and you have a classic in the making. It’s been awhile since I’ve cooked pasta at the house, mainly because I get it at work. Man is it good.
To help educate the loyal Club Josh users, I found out some interesting tidbits from Fresh Ravioli:

Highly controversial as to its origins. Ravioli were described in a 13th century Italian ‘recipe book’. Boccaccio mentions ravioli in ‘The Decameron’. The idea of a filling, wrapped in a dough is to be found in all cultures, and ravioli are simply the Italian version.

Fresh Ravioli is a great site with lots of recipes and helpful hints on how to make the best Raviolis.

In web news, Mom sent me a link to Television Without Pity, It seems to be the modern day version of the good old web site that I used to enjoy many moons ago. TWP does have some great recaps of episodes of some of your favorite series. I’m actually amazed at how many shows they have written about. One of my personal favorite articles was a recent one of the classic Trek episode “Space Seed”.

Warning: the site features lots of moving, annoying ads, and if you don’t keep track of time, you will be there for hours.