More Travel News

It looks like my trip to Arizona next month might be full of good Gorn picture opportunities. I told my mom that when I came out there that I wanted to do something fun and exciting. After much back and forth, we decided on trying to drive to one of my oft-desired destinations: Four Corners! I remember we wanted to play Twister there back in 1994 as part of “Dome to Dome Twice”. I’m sure most of you know what Four Corners is, but in case you live in another country: Four Corners is the only place in the US where four states meet. Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado all come together at this brass plaque in the middle of nowhere. It is about a 6 hour drive from Phoenix (about the same distance if I drove there from So Cal), so it is a good thing that I am flying out there.

Now when I travel somewhere, I will go to great lengths to find something else of interest to me that I want to go see, just so that when I go there, I wont have to come all the way back out. Especially if it is a far away place. This idea was taken to extreme in 1993 when I insisted we drive from Grand Forks, North Dakota to Mt. Rushmore and Devil’s Tower in South Dakota and Wyoming. Mind you I’m over 15 hour out-of-the-way drives, but not 5 hour ones! So on this trip, while traveling to Four Corners, we are hopefully going to make a b-line to Monument Valley. MV is another place I have always wanted to visit. Now Matt will admonish me for not making the trip to Canyon de Chelly – one of his most desired places to visit.

So after a quiet first half of the year travel wise, it looks like the latter half of 2003 is shaping up to be a busy travel season: Four Corners/Monument Valley in August, Walt Disney World in September, and New York in December.