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Gorn Remodel and Celeb sighting

I have finally gotten around to working on the Gorn galleries which have been in a state of migration and disrepair for the better part of a year. The Gorn Page was a guinea pig for the Gallery program, but as with any test, I got halfway through it and decided that it wasn’t working exactly the way that I wanted. So I left it there with some of the Europe pics loaded and disorganized. I finally re-installed Gallery in the correct subdirectory (I like to have one for each area so I can customize some of the links in the headers). Today, I finished all of the Europe Galleries once and for all. I must say, they all look a million times better:
Gorn Europe Pictures

I am now starting to work on the Hawaii and South Pacific pictures and then it will be on to the big bulk: North American pics. My goal is to have the whole thing redone before I head out to Four Corners next month. One drawback is that I notice my Atomz search program has now exceeded the allotment I originally gave it. I guess I might have to spring for something else. So beware that you might get flaky search results.

In celeb news, I spotted Holly Marie Combs of “Charmed” fame on the Pooh ride yesterday. The only other recent sighting was Tom from Blink 182 and his pals on the Matterhorn.