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I don’t miss commuting

Since I relocated to Orange County, my only real traffic beef has been that cursed light at Westminster and Newhope that takes forever if you miss it. This week, I have gained proper perspective on how silly my traffic woes are. I have been working at my dad’s work in South Central Los Angeles for a couple days this week. I notice that I am more aggravated and tired when I get home and need some good ‘me’ time to try and calm myself down. I keep asking myself, “How did I manage to commute from SFV to Anaheim for over a year?”. I don’t think I could do it anymore. It was like the shock of going from my Davis commute to the Santa Monica commute four plus years ago.

I am in the middle of two solid weeks of work. No days off until next Friday when it is off to Phoenix and Four Corners. It’s going to be tough – on my schedule I have all early shifts at the park and of course early rise for my dad’s work (I’m there three times next week as well) and the commute. It hurts because I am a night owl, and I find it difficult to force myself to go to sleep early. I know one day I will just come home and take a nap and then wake up at 4am. Oh, that sounds nice.

Last night, I saw the remake of “Freaky Friday” with Daniel. Both of us liked the movie. I don’t remember much of the Jodie Foster version from the 60’s, but I do remember liking it as well. One thing I noticed at the Downtown Disney AMC theater is that they have installed the new digital pre-movie slideshow. Sadly, they haven’t taken advantage of the technology and used it to provide streaming video, but rather have turned the slide shows into glorified Power Point presentations. Another pre-show highlight was the trailer for “Brother Bear” , the new Disney animated feature coming out in the fall. It looks like a new version of the Lion King, but with Bears and sans patricide. Well, at least it looks better than Treasure Planet (which is not hard).

Oh and one more item: The Coopers paid a visit this past week. I haven’t seen them since the A-V trip to Vegas back in February. A lot has happened since then, and it was good to catch up. Their relatives were also glad to have someone with a fresh set of legs chase off after Noah.