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$3500 will get you a lot of Whoppers(tm)

I agonized over it for several days, but in the end, I decided that even if I did have $3500, I have better things to spend it on than being Governor of California. Besides, I don’t think I could find 60-70 people that would sign a petition to get me on the ballot. I am all for populist voter revolts, but it seems to me this whole thing reeks of sour grapes. On the other hand, what does the Governor do by himself? He is surrounded by advisors and most of the legislation involves compromise. Will Arnold be better? Probably not. But he sure won’t be worse than we have now. I don’t think anything will happen unless they recall everyone in Sacramento and start from scratch.

But since we are not going to have a revolution in California anytime soon, we better work with what we have. I do find it funny that the issue most Californians are all hot and bothered about is the car tax. Not the deficit, not failing schools, but a restoration of 1990’s level car license fees.

Things I can get for $3500:
1758 Whoppers(tm)
74 One Day Admission tickets to Disneyland
15 Premium Annual Passes to Disneyland
74 Fantasmic premium view seats
175 Subscriptions to Travel + Leisure
7 Canon S400 Digital Cameras
11 TiVos (without service)
Add what you can get for $3500 to the comments…

It has been over a week and I still haven’t hooked up the laserdisc player. Sorry, Joe, but it has been a busy week. I only have a few more days and then it is off to Four Corners. I will be taking three cameras on the trip and will try and take the same picture with all three.
Camera #1: My ol’ trusty Olympus d-400 Zoom
Camera #2: My Motorola T720 Camera phone
Camera #3: My new Canon S400.

The resolutions and megapixels are widely different and I think it will be an interesting study. I am also looking forward to some awesome Gorn in Monument Valley pictures!