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Monumental Corners

I can’t really explain why I wanted to go to Monument Valley and Four Corners. As a geographer tho, it is something you have to do. You can’t deny it, it is in your blood. Like anything that you obsess about for weeks at a time, the whole experience there was surreal. Four Corners did not disappoint, and Monument Valley, tho smaller than I had imagined (I blame Circlevision, it made the area look massive – like the entire state of Utah), was still spectacular. I also had my new camera, which an hour into the trip already had me hooked. The photos that came out of the trip were just amazing – pretty darn good considering I am still learning the ins and outs of the camera.

You can see the first group of the pictures in the Gorn visits Four Corners and Monument Valley gallery. I have so many other photos from the trip, including some huge panoramas. I am a bit mixed on them – the software provided with the camera did an OK job stitching the photos together, but nothing earth shattering. I think I just need practice. I will be working on the Trip Diaries section – mainly photos, not really a journal of the trip. I hope to eek out a new design for the section and also need some good inspiration to finish the long-overdue Trip Diary for Europe 2002.

As an added bonus, I shot a few video captures from Four Corners and MV and I will post them here once I get the page done. I was just fooling around with the camera and hope to be able to get some good stuff as I learn more. One thing about the camera: I forgot to charge it the first night, so the battery ran dead in the middle of John Ford’s point. Luckily, Kevin let me borrow his cig lighter to outlet adapter and I was able to recharge the battery. Thankfully, the battery only takes about 2 hours to recharge, and I was able to take the battery out and get some quick shots, then put it back on the charger so I wouldn’t miss any cool shots. I need to figure out my plan of attack for next month’s Walt Disney World trip. I’m thinking space will be at a premium on my laptop and on the memory card. I might have to know down the resolution on the camera in order to squeeze more pics out.

In the meantime, enjoy the Gorn photos!