Farewell Fantasyland

It’s been a busy and exhausting week. This week marks the end of summer at the resort, and also something of a transition for me. The powers that be have decided that cast members should be assigned an area of the park and only work in that area. They used to run things like this in the pre-Pressler era at the park, and just to prove things go full circle it is back. My current knowledge is the Classics, Matterhorn, and Winnie the Pooh. My scheduling preference is for Pooh, so I will be placed exclusively in New Orleans/Critter Country. On the plus side, I will now be on the list to learn such desirable attractions as Pirates, Mansion, Big Boats (Mark Twain and Columbia) Splash, Canoes and Rafts to Tom Sawyer Island. The bad news is that I will be losing the Matterhorn and the Classics.

Despite my well-documented difficulties getting trained at the Matterhorn, I finally have a level of comfort at the attraction. I also am a trainer there, and I will be sad to lose that as well. I am not so sad to lose the Classics – it was my first attraction at the park so it will always hold a special place in my heart, but after Pooh and Matterhorn, It was my third favorite (out of three).

On Monday, I accidentally showed up for work a whopping hour early (You say an hour is not whopping? It is when the hour is 6am instead of 7am). I was armed with my digital camera since I knew it was my last day shift at the Matterhorn and I wandered around Fantasyland taking some pictures.

Here’s hopin’ that some cool attractions are around the corner!