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Silence is Golden

It has been six months in the new apartment, and I finally decided to ante up for another year. One of the things about my apartment that I have not been happy with is my thermostat. The timer inside the little box is so loud, that since I moved in, I have slept with my bedroom door closed to stifle the sound. When I was sick at the beginning of July, it was one of the noises that led me to spend the weekend at my Dad’s. So I happened to mention it casually to the rental lady in the office, and she says the repair guy will come to look at it (along with my door lock which sticks and makes the key hard to turn and the noisy fan that Mom insists is loose).

Fast forward to today: Repair guy shows up and WD40’s the lock (works beautifully) and inspects the fan (Just loud, nothing loose or amiss – sorry Mom). Then he turns his attention to the thermostat.

“It’s noisy”, I say. “It’s the timer”, he replies. “I never use it”, sayeth me. “Oh, then we can just do this”, he states and with one swift move he silences the beast. What does silence look like? This:

Silence at last!

Now, I can sleep easily.

At work, thinks have also quieted down. The crowds have dropped into the high teens/low 20s and the construction walls are going up fast and furious. Splash is closed for two months, and Mansion goes down next week for the annual holiday layover. With both of them down, and the new landlocking in place, I have been squeezing out hours where I can. This weekend I will be working the ABC preview weekend at DCA. Speaking of celebs, I saw Mr. JAG himself, David James Elliot, yesterday (He’s very tall!). He asked me for directions to the train station in New Orleans Square. Andrea nearly had a heart attack outside the attraction – she was that excited.