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Celebrities Galore

This past weekend I had the opportunity to work the ABC Primetime Preview weekend at DCA. Basically, standing around trying to lure people into the audience for ABC’s Casting Call and ABC’s Reality Check. Both shows allowed members of the audience a chance to re-create a scene from an ABC hit with a star from that show. One of the highlights for me was with Constance Marie of “The George Lopez Show”. I had the chance to escort her with her VIP guide back to the hotel. She was good humored and was always willing to pose for a quick pic with a fan in attendance as we made our way back to the hotel. She even made an elderly Latino woman in a wheelchair start walking.

All in all, the stars I got to see up close and personal were:
Anthony Russell from “Life with Bonnie”
Kevin Weisman from “Alias”
Constance Marie from “The George Lopez Show”
Amy Davidson from “8 Simple Rules”
Bill Brochtrup from “NYPD Blue”
Zachary Levi from “Less than Perfect”
and Andrew Firestone and Jennifer Schefft from “The Bachelor”

It was a welcome change of pace from the grind. Monday, I spent the entire day training some new people at Winnie the Pooh, only to have them both either call in or get out of their training on Tuesday. I was a bit bitter (mostly cuz it felt like I was wasting my time all day Monday), but I did get to go into rotation at trainer rate.

I decided to go ahead and leave early so I could pick up my Sleeping Beauty DVD. I almost got the Core as well, but I decided to skip it for now since my vacation is coming up in just two weeks. I will say that the Sleeping Beauty movie on the DVD is stunning – rich, crisp colors. It’s too bad it is just a regular release, the extras are a bit dull and standard (very similar to Dumbo). Next month is the release of the Lion King and then in November it is Finding Nemo. Time to save the pennies!