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Walt Disney World Here We Come!

Only one week left before the big trip to Walt Disney World. Luckily, we’ve managed to doge Hurricane Isabel who decided Virginia was nicer than Florida. The only glitch so far is that one of our travel mates has opted out so it is down to three of us going. The good news is that we can all fit into one room at the hotel and save us some much needed cash.

Inspired by the forthcoming trip, I have begun a massive redesign of the trip diaries section of the site. I am really happy with the look of it so far. I just need to do yet another installation of gallery for the section, and then re-master all of the photos to 600 pixels wide. Photos will be the last thing I redesign, right now, I am focused on the templates. My goal is to get something up before I go on vacation, but I might save the official premiere until I can post the new WDW Trip Diary. One thing I am looking at is whether or not I can publish the new diaries site completely in Movable Type. That would be way cool – so I’m lookin into it.

While I was checking out some server settings, I noticed that Club Josh is now 250 MB! Holy smokes! I need to go through the entire site and see if I can trim that down a bit. I am over half-way to the server limits. I might have to pony up some extra cash per month soon. The new mondo-quality pics aren’t helping either – but I will make the sacrifice for quality.